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Gabriel & Co. knows that underlying every piece of significant jewelry is emotion. A necklace, a bracelet, a ring – these are not things. They are symbols of value, of relationships, of unforgettable moments, of love. They are the emblems of the women who wear them. The Gabriel philosophy brings beauty, style, and elegance to each signature piece by pairing spirited designs with exquisite craftsmanship. The Gabriel Brothers are passionate artisans motivated by celebrating every stage of life with beautiful jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted with care, delicate detail, unique design, and passion. The Gabriel & Co. collections of exquisitely crafted jewelry are inspired by loving life


Utah based Lashbrook is a manufacturer and designer of men’s wedding bands. With literally limitless designs in their line, you can create your own masterpiece to describe exactly who you are. From modern performance metals such as colbalt or Zirconium, traditional metals like gold or platinum and unique cutting edge rings made from Meteorite, Damancus steel and Elysium there is something for you. Virtually any profile, finish, pattern and size can be created using their practice of lean manufacturing. Lean is based on the principles of waste reduction, high quality control standards, and constant improvement. Plus with a lifetime warranty, free size exchanges and a one of kind ring, what more could you ask for?

KameleonJewelryLogoJewel Pop – Kameleon

Kameleon Jewelry is committed to bringing you the most unique, fun, and flexible interchangeable jewelry system in the world by helping you to create a custom and one of a kind look with your jewelry. Join thousands of Kameleon fans who love changeable jewelry and embrace our motto – “Change is Natural”


Ornamental ironwork found throughout the country has inspired the Southern Gates® Collection. The delicate designs once forged in iron represent a legacy that continues through the presence of iron gates in cities and towns across the country and around the globe. The filigree, scroll and tracery patterns found in the Southern Gates® Collection are unique, yet familiar. The Southern Gates® represent timeless tradition that any woman can wear. See our ad in Our State Magazine!


A family owned and operated company, the Victor Corporation was established in 1946. Victor is a full service fine jewelry manufacturer featuring a complete line of diamond jewelry, color rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets. The Victor line emphasizes fashion, bridal and popular items that are ageless.

The FIREFLIES collection features center diamonds that twinkle and move within a patented frame setting. As the diamond flutters, the facets refract beams of light like a shining star or a firefly at twilight on a beautiful summer night. FIREFLIES are sure to make an emotional connection with your loved one and is definitely a must-have for your jewelry collection. FIREFLIES styles include not only classic and traditional shapes with round diamond centers but also magnificent princess cut diamond centers that evoke sophisticated elegance. Available in various total weights and styles from the classic to the modern.


KALLATI™ story begins in 1746 when the Persian Empire controlled more than half the world. King Nader Shah (Ruler of Rulers, conqueror of kings) just finished conquering the land of India and needed a place to store the kingdoms jewels and treasures. It was decided that 10 families in the town of Kalat will be trusted to guard and protect his treasure because they were known for their honesty and loyalty. For 100+ years the selected families of Kalat kept the world’s treasures and throughout history dispersed the treasures as needed. Flash forward to the 1980’s when Albert Kallati began traveling around the world to begin developing the KALLATI™ brand. Today, KALLATI™ is one of the leading manufacturers of premium diamond goods. Albert’s flawless reputation and passion in the market has gained KALALTI™ worldwide recognition allowing him to have the only 100% vertically integrated manufacturing company in the United States, meaning from the ground to your finger, they handle every step of the process.

ostbyelogoOstbye – Shimmering Diamonds

Shimmering Diamonds is a line of earrings and pendants that feature fine quality diamonds that are carefully selected and cut to exacting standards for maximum brilliance. Each diamond has a tiny laser drilled hole, which is threaded with fine gold wire that is attached to the piece. This unique technique of setting the diamond – without any prongs or mounting – allows the diamond to move freely and return the maximum amount of light – much like sunlight reflecting on the water on a summer afternoon.