Certified vs Non-certified

Deciding whether or not you want to purchase a certified diamond is often one of the hardest choices for buyers. Certified diamonds will have paperwork and many times a laser inscribed number that corresponds to the document that lists the professional grading of the diamond relative to its size, weight, color, shape and clarity.

There are many companies that are nationally recognized for their ability to grade and determine the attributes of a diamond. Some of the common grading firms are IGI, AGS, EGL and GIA. GIA is by far the most esteemed and recognizable of all the organizations. By purchasing a certified diamond, you are essentially paying for someone’s option as to the makeup of that stone. Certified stones are often more expensive and therefore retain value higher than a non-certified diamonds, although that may not always be the case.

On the other hand, purchasing a certified stone does not mean that your stone is not valuable or doesn’t have attributes like color and clarity… it just means it doesn’t have a “birth certificate or passport”. All of our diamonds are graded, so when shopping, so you can feel good about comparing apples to apples. In addition, our qualified, GIA certified Diamond grader will give you all the information you need in an appraisal to provide you with the same basic attributes to make an informative decision and protect the replacement in the case of loss.