Clarity grades are determined by the number, size, nature, color and location of the natural inclusions in a diamond. The smaller and less visible the characteristics, the rarer and more valuable the diamond becomes. Diamonds are composed of mostly carbon. During the heating process, other elements become trapped inside, giving each diamond its own unique fingerprint. These inclusions help identify the clarity of your diamond.


Additional Clarity Info

Fluorescence is the effect of ultraviolet on a diamond. When a diamond is subjected to ultraviolet light is will either have no reaction or can glow faint, medium, strong or extremely strong blue, yellow or green.

How does Fluorescence affect a diamond?
The Gemological Institute of America has studied the effect of fluorescence on diamonds and determined that unless the diamond has extremely strong fluorescence, there is no visible effect. Diamond that have extremely strong fluorescence can have a milky white appearance, which lowers the brilliancy, beauty and value diamond.